CL Series

CL Series Display Base Modules

On display systems the same display can be used as for the other ranges but the base module is directly connected with the display. Display systems are very flexible, also in programming, and can be extended to complete networks with the CL-NET.

Display systems cannot be combined with any product of the other ranges.

Type Description Voltage Weight (kg) Part No.
CL-LDC.LDC2 CPU / power supply 24 VDC 0.16 1SVR 440 821 R0000
CL-LDC.LAC2 CPU / power supply 100-240 VAC 0.16 1SVR 440 823 R0000
CL-LDC.LNDC2 CPU / power supply, networking-compatible (CL-NET) 24 VDC 0.17 1SVR 440 821 R1000
CL-LDC.LNAC2 CPU / power supply, networking-compatible (CL-NET) 100-240 VAC 0.17 1SVR 440 823 R1000